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Collaborating to Drive Insurtech

MENA Insurtech Association summit 2023

As the leading insurtech community in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, we’re proud to have established strong partnerships with a wide range of ecosystem players. These partners include:

Ecosystem Sponsors

These partners bring valuable expertise in areas such as digital innovation, strategy, and technology to our community. They help us stay on the cutting edge of insurtech and provide crucial support to our members. QIC Digital Venture Partner, Deloitte

Co-founding Partners

Our co-founding partners are industry leaders in insurance and technology. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our community, and help us to connect with other players in the ecosystem. Epicure, OQIC, QLM, and Antares

Business Broadcasting Partners

As a business broadcasting partner, CNBC helps us to raise awareness about the latest insurtech trends and developments. Their coverage of our events and initiatives helps to build momentum for insurtech innovation in the MENA region.

Tech Cloud Partner

Microsoft is a key player in the technology space, and their partnership with us allows our community to leverage their cutting-edge cloud technologies. This enables us to provide our members with access to the latest tools and resources for insurtech innovation.

Insurtech Sponsor

Our insurtech partners are dedicated to driving innovation and improving the customer experience in the insurance industry. They provide valuable insights and support to our members, helping them to develop and implement innovative solutions. Yallacompare, Wellx, Beema, Amenli, Sehteq, and Insurance

Presenting Partners

Mshireb is a leading player in the MENA region’s insurance industry, and our partnership with them allows us to leverage their expertise and resources to drive insurtech innovation.

Recreations Sponsor

365 Adventures is our recreational partner, providing opportunities for our members to come together and build relationships outside of the workplace. This helps to foster a sense of community and collaboration within our ecosystem.

Global Alliances

Our global alliances are key partners in driving insurtech innovation across the world. They provide us with access to international best practices and help us to connect with other players in the global insurtech community. Insurtech lab, Insurtech asia, India insurtech association, Insurtech gateway

Corporate Partners

Our corporate partners are leading players in the insurance and technology industries, and their support allows us to provide our members with access to cutting-edge resources and insights. SCVentures, McKinsey & Company, Lumivo, Kojo, Qatar Financial Centre, and Middle East Venture Partner

Conference Partner

Our conference partners help us to bring together insurtech innovators from across the region and around the world. Their support allows us to host world-class events that drive innovation and collaboration within our ecosystem. Insurtech Connect, Insurtech Insight, Insuretek, and FS Brew.

We’re proud to have established such a diverse and dynamic network of partners. Together, we’re driving insurtech innovation in the MENA region and beyond.

MENA Insurtech Associations Members
MENA Insurtech Associations Members

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