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MENA Insurtech Startup Competition

The regional competition is designed to identify and reward the most innovative and disruptive InsurTech startups from the MENA region. We strive to create a platform where the MENA InsurTech ecosystem can come together to share knowledge, network, and showcase their innovative solutions to the MENA Insurance industry.

The competition is divided into two phases:
Regional Onsite Competitions

The regional Shark Tank will be held in 5 different countries: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, OMAN, and QATAR. Each country will have its own panel of judges who will select the finalists from their respective countries. The finalists will then be invited to pitch their solutions on the InsurTech MENA Summit stage in Doha.

The Virtual Competition

Competition will consist of two rounds:

Round 1: Startups will be asked to provide a 1-pager describing their business models and the problems they are aiming to solve. We will select 20 startups to move on to the second round.


Round 2: The 20 selected startups will be invited to present their solutions virtually and 5 finalists will be chosen to pitch their solutions at the MENA InsurTech Summit stage. The judging criteria will include: the impact of the solution, the scalability of the business model, the innovation of the solution, the team’s capabilities, and the potential for success.

Winners: The winners of the regional competitions will be invited to the Grand Finale, which will be held in Doha, QATAR as part of the MENA InsurTech Summit.

Who can participate?

Overall, the startup competition will provide a valuable platform for InsurTech entrepreneurs to get their ideas off the ground, receive funding, and gain visibility in the industry. It will also provide an opportunity for them to connect with other start-ups, industry experts, and potential funders and partners.

Competition Awards

The awarded startups will get :
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Insurtech Launchpad

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