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Unveiling the Potential of VC Asset Class and Insurtech


While the VC asset class had a strong track record of outperformance in the past decade, recent market trends have shifted. However, the current bear tech market presents a unique opportunity for investors to tap into the potential of the VC asset class and prepare for the next wave of tech growth.


Notably, MENA investors have been showing a growing appetite for VC investments in mature tech markets. The region is currently experiencing a fintech investment boom, prooving an increasing appetite and interest to fintech matters, including insurtech, its rising sub-asset class. 


To capitalize on this momentum, QIC Digital Venture Partners is bringing top-tier insurtech VCs from mature tech markets to Doha, facilitating valuable partnerships and investment opportunities for both local and foreign investors.

What's in it for LPs?

Untapped Asset Class

VC is yet an untapped asset class yet within the MENA region. Investing in top-tier VC is the name of the game to avoid the VC risk and get its rewards.

InsurTech - Rising Segment

Insurtech is a rising segment within the fintech arena, with high growth potential due to the low penetration of innovation.

Best InsurTech Funds

QIC DVP is handpicking best in class insurtech funds with strong subject matter expertise and outstanding track record.

Meetup with 20+ VCs

One session to meet 20+VCs and link-minded people within a top-notch Insurtech MENA Summit

VC/Investors Attending from MENA, Europe & US

Exhaustive list will be shared by email for the confirmed guests.

A 2-Hour Exclusive Invite Only Session

This invitation only event will start at 6 pm and finishes at 8 pm, on May 21th, 2023

Insurtech MENA Association’s Mission – 5min – Lars, QIC DVP
Panel Discussions
Panel discussion – 30min – 5 panelists

Insurtech and the future of Insurance: Opportunities for Venture Capitalists and LPs.

Topic description: 

This panel will explore the ways in which insurtech is transforming the insurance industry, including how startups are using data analytics, artificial intelligence, and other technologies to improve underwriting, claims processing, and customer engagement.

The panel will discuss investment opportunities in this space and how VCs and LPs can achieve high returns by investing in promising insurtech startups.

The panel will finally discuss the importance of the ecosystem approach as a driving force for insurtech development.

Networking Session – 1 hour

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